Adaptive Trigger Library

A library for adaptive triggers for Windows universal apps (Universal Windows Platform).

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Welcome to the Adaptive Trigger Library

The Adaptive Trigger library is a powerfull collection of Adaptive Triggers for Windows 10 Universal Apps. The library comes as a single DLL - based on .NET Framework 4.6 - which can easily be added to your project via NuGet.

This package requires NuGet 3.0 or higher!

Overview of Adaptive Triggers

Awareness Triggers

  • Altitude Trigger
  • Date Time Trigger
  • Day of Week Trigger
  • Latitude Trigger
  • Longitude Trigger
  • Time Trigger

Connectivity Triggers

  • Approaching Data Limit Trigger
  • Is Roaming Data Trigger
  • Network Authentication Type Trigger
  • Network Connection State Trigger
  • Network Encryption Type Trigger
  • Over Data Limit Trigger
  • Signal Stength Trigger
  • WLAN Connection Available Trigger
  • WWAN Connection Available Trigger
  • WWAN Network Registratrion State Trigger

Hardware Interface Triggers

  • Battery Status Trigger
  • Device Family Trigger
  • Energy Saver Status Trigger
  • Power Supply Trigger
  • Remaining Charge Percent Trigger
  • Remaining Discharge Time Trigger

Logical Triggers

  • Multi Trigger

Software Interface Triggers

  • API Information Trigger
  • Device Family Version Trigger

User Interaction Triggers

  • Input Type Trigger
  • Interaction Mode Trigger

User Interface Triggers

  • Control Height Trigger
  • Control Width Trigger
  • FullScreen Trigger
  • Layout Direction Trigger
  • Orientation Trigger
  • Scale Trigger
  • Window Height Trigger
  • Window Width Trigger

Further triggers will be added over time.

For further documentation, please take a look inside our wiki!

Adding the Adaptive Trigger Library to your project

To install the Adaptive Trigger Library for the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10), run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package AdaptiveTriggerLibrary

You can also install the Adaptive Trigger Library using the NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio 2015. As Package Source, select Then search for AdaptiveTriggerLibrary, select the desired release version and click on Install.

Authors and Contributors

Support or Contact

For general questions about adaptive triggers, please create a question on using the uwp (Universal Windows Platform) tag.

For issue report, support and contact concerncs, please open an issue in this repository.